GUARANTEES - from the CVSquad™

At the CVSquad™ we are committed to delivering the best bespoke results with the best ongoing support. We are proud to be the first in the industry to offer then both a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a Free Updates for Life Guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Only when you are 100% happy will we sign-off on your order. We ensure you receive the results you are 100% satisfied with.

Lifetime Guarantee

If you ever move job and you want to update your CV with your most recent work experience, call us and we’ll add it for you for free, for life!


Every CV we create is unique. We never use templates.

So what happens now?

  1. Once you place an order we assign it to the most relevant specialist suited to your skills and level of experience.
  2. The specialist introduces themselves to you so you have direct contact from day one.
  3. Armed with the information needed we will start work on your order and ensure it is returned to you within the agreed timeframe. (If needed we may call or email you to request additional information or simply to discuss some of the finer points)
  4. We email your order to you.
  5. If you have suggestions or amendment requests simply send these to your specialist who will happily make these for you.
  6. Once you are 100% Satisfied we sign-off your order.
  7. At any time you want to add a new job to your CV/LinkedIn Profile simply contact us and we will add these for you for free.

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